Happy Wedding in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Happiness


“I want to thank you so very much for being a part of our wedding. We loved our ceremony and felt it was truly “us”. You were incredible and our guests all commented on how special the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. We are absolutely thrilled that we chose you as our rabbi and feel so lucky to be able to continue a relationship with you. Honestly, my wedding exceeded my expectations with your help and support and officiating.  Thank you, thank you. Beyond words, we thank you.”  — Meagan L.– bride

“Thank you for being the best officiant that we could have had.  Your sweetness and kindness simply radiates.  All our guests raved about the service.” — Sheryl L.- groom’s mother

“We will never be able to express to you how thankful we are to have had you with us on our wedding day.  Your eloquence, spirit and love filled our hearts – the night was so full of God, so much a dream.  We have received so many compliments regarding the ceremony – thank you so much.”  — Naomi, Michael and Alyssa – bride, groom and daughter

“We were so happy to celebrate and share our wedding with you, and we feel truly blessed to have had you officiate our ceremony.  We especially appreciate the extra time you spent explaining Jewish wedding customs and translating our ketubah.  You and Rev. Gary collaborated beautifully to make our guests feel welcome, included, and informed during an event with traditions unfamiliar to many, and your quick thinking and geniality truly transformed unexpected situations into memorable experiences.  Thank you SO much!”  — Laura and Max O. – bride and groom

“How can one properly thank you for what potentially was a life cycle disaster into a time of unbelievable happiness and spirituality for our children.  We are extremely thankful for your service and kindness.”  — Benjamin and Joy – parents of the bride

“I can’t thank you enough for making my wedding day so special. Your explanations of all the traditions were fantastic. The ceremony was well received by both sides of the family. You were the glue that put all the missing pieces together in the past several weeks.   With your guidance, I purchased a unique chuppah and ketubah, both beautiful symbols of my marriage. In addition, you provided the spirituality that will not be forgotten. The wedding was meaningful because you graced it with your presence.”  — Larry A. – groom

“When we began the process of planning our wedding, we were a bit confused and worried. Your counsel, confidence and outlook helped make the process smooth and enjoyable. We had the perfect wedding ceremony; our union began just as we had imagined. Thank you for helping make that happen and being such an important part of a day we will cherish the rest of our lives.”  — Katrina and David – bride and groom

“We could never thank you enough for the truly special and unforgettable ceremony you and (Pastor) Buddy designed just for us. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that ours was the best wedding ceremony they have ever attended.  I have nothing but fond memories of that day.”  — Diane and Becca – brides

You don’t know how much we appreciate everything you did to make our wedding day so unique and memorable. — Bruce and Kathy – groom and bride

(posted on “The Knot”) Rabbi Gordon did a fantastic job! We still receive so many compliments on how much people appreciated our interfaith ceremony. Rabbi Gordon worked with us to incorporate both religions and make it more about love and two becoming one.  We are from out of town, but were able to FaceTime with Rabbi Gordon. We had breakfast with him the week of our wedding to finalize everything and add a few personal touches to the ceremony.He made us laugh, shed a tear, threw in a few personal touches and just enjoy the ceremony.  FIVE STARS!!”  — Morgan and John — bride and groom