The Maggid of Texas

Rabbi Dan Gordon has an unbelievable talent for discerning what each person needs to hear.  It’s powerful!

Rabbi Ernesto Yattah,  Dean of Seninario Rabinico, Buenos Aires, Argentina

With every tale, you feel his dedication and the beautiful integrity of his soul.”

— Peninnah Schram, Author of Jewish Stories One Generation Tells Another and Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, National Storytelling Network (2003)  and Covenant Foundation Award Recipient (1995)

His whole being sparkles and shines as he shares his tales, drawing the audience into the worlds he creates with his words.”

— Cherie Karo Schwartz, Author of Circle Spinning and professional performer

We were taken outside ourselves and able to see the world through kinder eyes.   A great storyteller, indeed.”

— Sister Marie Bernard, Vice President, Sisters of Charity.

A magical performance, creating unbelievable energy!  Each story spoke to me personally.”

— Helen McKay, President, Australian Storytelling Guild, Sydney, Australia

The best storyteller in the world!

— Benjie, age 9