Rabbi Dan GordonHouston, Texas resident Rabbi Dan Gordon is a rabbi, a storyteller, a teacher, a performer, a listener, a motivational speaker and a lover of people.  He has more than thirty years of experience using his talents in various roles – camp director, youth leader, university lecturer, and high school principal.  Since 1998, he has served as rabbi for the small Jewish community of Humble, Texas (25 miles north of Houston).  Temple Beth Torah in Humble is his primary congregation.  He has been a fixture in the Jewish community of Houston since 1990, having worked at several Jewish institutions and also continuing his service as a volunteer prison chaplain.  For three years, he also served as part-time rabbi for the Jewish Community of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Rabbi Dan Gordon brings a sense of humor, pathos and life to every event, whether it’s a Shabbat service, a storytelling concert, motivational lecture, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, baby naming, funeral or professional development workshop.   He has become especially well-known for his work in the interfaith community.  He is often called upon to represent the Jewish community at interfaith events, and non-Jewish students rave about his teachings.  In 2014, he was appointed National Rabbinic Adviser to the March of Remembrance, a coalition of Christian churches who come together to recognize victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  Rabbi Gordon was part of three unique interfaith delegations to Israel.  In 2006, he joined with 30 Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders from Houston as part of ADL’s Coalition for Mutual Respect  mission to Israel, and in 2015 was part of a founding group of rabbis and ministers seeking peaceful interfaith initiatives with Interfaith Partners for Peace.  In 2018, he was the Jewish educator for a mixed group of Christians and Jews who came to Israel to honor the 70th anniversary of the state as well as give special honor to Holocaust victims, survivors and rescuers.

In 2016, he served as Scholar in Residence for a clergy retreat of Presbyterian ministers who were interested in learning about the midrashic traditions within Judaism.  He was recently a guest on The Catholic Talk Show, enlightening viewers about the Jewish roots of Christianity as well as modern Catholic/Jewish relationships (click to video link on the right).

Also in 2016, Rabbi Gordon became a hospital chaplain at CHI Baylor St. Luke’s Hospital.  He currently facilitates a staff training module designed by Rabbi Sam Karff called Sacred Vocations, in which hospital employees explore the spiritual components of healing.

Rabbi Dan Gordon  brings a unique sensitivity to interfaith weddings and other life cycle events, including memorial services, funerals, naming babies and even private bar and bat mitzvahs.  Whether officiating by himself or sharing the sanctification with clergy from different traditions, he is comfortable embracing other traditions in an effort to honor all participants and their loved ones.

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